For Charleston

Serving Our Community

"In our community, through our partnerships and events, we will provide opportunities to meet the needs of the people around us." -Home Church Staff

What is For Charleston?

It is our belief that when people think of church, the predominant thought is that the church is against a long list of various ideals in our society. Instead, we think the church should be known by what we are for rather than by what people believe we are against. The word "for" is extremely powerful. In fact, the most popular verse in the bible (John 3:16) begins with that powerful word "for". When you are for something or someone, you fight for it. You love it unconditionally and work hard to make it better. We are #ForCharleston. We love our town. We love the businesses in Charleston, the restaurants, the schools, and most of all the people. It is our goal to promote businesses and people to the best of our ability and show them the love and support that God shows for us. Each month we strive to highlight businesses and people who are #ForCharleston. Check us out on social media for more!

Half Hour Heroes

This program is made up of volunteers who are willing to give a half an hour a week through the school year to invest in the life of a child. 

A Half Hour Hero meets one day a week with a student over a lunch period, providing encouragement and wisdom through casual conversation. Providing heroes/mentors who can build a relationship and offer a caring heart can help change the course of a student's educational experience and therefore his life. Invest in a child by signing up today to be a hero.


This unique program is designed to feed children between the ages of 5-18 whose families have little to no food on the weekends.

We provide food twice a month during the school year. The approximate cost is $10 per week, for a total of $20 per month. A shopping list will be provided. Once it is purchased, the food is brought to the church to be delivered.

Improved behaviors, health and increased attendance have all been attributed to this program. These bags, containing nutritious and easy to prepare foods, ensure the students have enough to eat when they do not have access to meals at school. If you would like to impact a child in our community, sign up today to "R.O.C.K." a child's life.